Silaphanʼs practice examines notions of globalisation, mass consumerism and the universal reach of cultural icons across the world. Silaphan primarily uses found-objects such as old metal advertising signs collected during his years living in Thailand, as his canvas. Also using vintage wooden Pepsi and Coca-Cola crates, reminiscent of Warholʼs Brillo Box installations; Silaphan re-works these objects to create a fresh interpretation of Pop Art and opens a discourse on the effects of advertising and mass consumption. The infiltration of western imagery and ideology had a profound influence on Silaphanʼs understanding of the West and on his artistic practice. Using his favoured artistic icons, such as Warhol, Dali and Frida Khalo, he collages and paints over these branded advertising signs and crates, implying the artistsʼ identity as a recognised global brand itself. Silaphan creates an engaging dialogue between the relationship between East and West, and the universal language of signs and symbols that is accessible to all and has been imprinted on to the universal collective consciousness.

Pakpoom Silaphan was born in 1972 in Bangkok, Thailand. He received his BFA from Silapakorn University in Bangkok before moving to England in 2002 to study printmaking at Camberwell College of Art and a Masters in Fine Art which he received from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Silaphanʼs work has been placed in the Hiscox Collection, Sir Paul Smithʼs collection and has been featured in the significant publication “For Which It Stands: Americana in Contemporary Art” by Carla Sakamoto, published by Farameh Media in 2012. In 2004 he was shortlisted for the John Mooreʼs 23 prize at the Liverpool Museum. Silaphan's work has been published in the Financial Times twice, 

The Independent in 2011 where Emma Love described Silaphan's work as "a sign of the times" and in 2013 “the Pop artist of these times” and Elle Magazine amongst others. Silaphan has exhibited in London, Japan, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and India.

Silaphan has been commissioned by the Siam Centre for a public

art commission in Bangkok which was unveiled in May 2013.


Born: 1972. Bangkok, Thailand. Currently lives and works in London


2002MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design 

2001Pg Dip Printmaking, Camberwell College of Art 

1995BFA Silapakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Selected Exhibitions


Essentializing the Essence, solo show, Shooting Gallery, SF, USA (up coming)

 Art 14, Scream booth, London 

India Art Fair, Scream booth, Delhi, India 

Art Stage Singapore, Scream booth, Singapore


Telling Tales, group show, Scream, London 

Strarta Art Fair, Scream booth, Saatchi Gallery, London 

Summer Exhibition, Scream, London 

Scope Basel, Scream booth, Basel, Switzerland 

Wonder Works, Group show, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong 

Empire State, solo show, Scream, London 

India Art Fair, Scream booth, Delhi, India 

Art Stage Singapore, Scream booth 

London Art Fair, Scream booth, London


Solo presentation, Moniker Art Fair, London 

Scope Art Fair, New York, Scream booth 

London Art Fair, London, Scream booth


Solo show, Remastering The Masters, Scream, London 

Moniker Art Fair, London 

Group show, Scream Now, Scream, London


Introducing, Woolff Gallery, London 

London Art Fair, London Solo show, 

Establishing Establishment, Noborders Art, Hong Kong 

The Winter Show, Woolff Gallery, London


Sir Paul Smithʼs ʻMy Collectionʼ, Art Space, Tokyo, Japan 

UK Future Greats 2009, Salon Gallery, London 

Solo Show, Establishing Establishment, Salon Gallery, London


Group show, Scion Installation, California, USA 

Group show, Beady Minces Gallery, California, USA


Lautiermoores Open, The Gallery at Cork Street, London 

Apart Group Show, Fresh and Wild, London 

Group show / Auctionn, Marambat Camper, Toulouse, France

Group show, Loveless, Tokyo, Japan 

Group show, Bals, Tokyo, Japan


Solo show, Before The Utopia, Apart Gallery, London


Thames Valley Contemporary Art Space


Inspired, Apart Gallery, London 

Solo show, Irrelation Connected, Apart Gallery, London

Artist Residency

2003London East Art, London


2004Shortlisted for John Mooreʼs 23, Liverpool Museum, Liverpool, UK 2005

            Shortlisted for Lautierimoores Open

Public Commissions

2013ʻMemorising Jean Michel-Basquiatʼ, Siam Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


Brooklyn Museum , USA

Coca Cola Company , USA

Hiscox Collection, London 

The Seavest Collection, USA 

Sir Paul Smith 

Minnie Driver 

Richard Curtis 

Harvey Weinstein 

Commission by Richard Curtis to produce a work for Comic Reliefʼs Collection


For Which It Stands: Americana in Contemporary Art, Carla Sakamoto, Farameh Media, New York, November 2012, p.100-105

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